10,791 Rune Stones from Fehu

The FEHU name is synonymous with a laid-back, sophisticated lifestyle. Those that aren’t scared to try new things, wear unconventional clothing, and break ground are the people they design for. The company are not happy only to follow the latest trends; rather, they want to set them.

The company’s artisans take risks with gemstones and metals to create fashionable pieces that are assertive in their expression but understated in their elegance. Each piece of jewelry sold by FEHU is designed and crafted by hand by skilled artisans. They exclusively work with the finest metals and most beautiful stones, combining strength and elegance in a way that can only be described as flawless.

Fehu Art. What Is It?

They are not only experts in jewellery, they also consider themselves as art people. Their slogan ‘In Art We Trust’ fully describe their philosophy. Now, they’ve added 10,791 Rune Stones to their exclusive NFT collection!

They combined traditional and modern techniques, with their artists drawing each layer digitally. Some of the Rune Stones they crafted are among the rarest in the world.

If you get the rune, you can save up to 30% on all jewelry purchases! The “Custom Weight” parameter, added to the NFT MetaData, is a one-off creation. The smaller the “Custom Weight” is, the better the discount you get.

Company Art and Philosophy 

There is no question that art ought to be revered as the pinnacle of human achievement and majesty. It opens the door to the past and glimpses into the future, understands the secrets of the world and communicates the illusive mood of the present.

There is a message in every piece of art, hidden in the signs and symbols that both depict and subvert the world around them. But can it survive the test of time and continue to be relevant? There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the answer to this question.

The masterworks of the Fehu label that have been brought to your notice are the end result of the artist’s creative process, a reinterpretation of the world around him, an effort to communicate the spiritual significance of symbols often believed to attract prosperity and plenty.

The PPYRAMID diagram represents the cosmic hierarchy. The pyramid symbol is a powerful tool for transcending the plane of multiplicity and disintegration to a more integrated whole. Furthermore, the pyramid represents the element of fire. In alchemy, the triangle is a symbol of the Sun and represents the element of fire. At the bottom pyramids – stability represented by a square. The pinnacle is a blaze, an outwardly focused beam of energy. Death and life are intertwined in the pyramid.

RUNE FEHU (FEHU) is an emblem of prosperity and happiness untarnished by arrogance and conceit. Completeness and finality are likewise associated with the rune Fehu.

It implies achieving one’s goals, feeling loved and appreciated, and getting what one was promised. The Rune Fehu (Fehu) will bring good fortune. Fehu is a rune of modern foundries, metalworking, and other cutting-edge industries since it symbolizes both the creative process and the purifying power of fire and the mind.

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