Bitcoin Prediction

Robert Kiyosaki author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” In a recent interview, predicted that Bitcoin could ultimately reach $1.2 million in the next five years.

He bought crypto the first time last year when it was trading at $9,000.

He added that Bitcoin would experience another bull run due to rampant money printing also with MicroStrategy, Tesla, and Square now purchasing cryptocurrency.

He’s also convinced that altcoins are here to stay.

Unlike bitcoin, ethereum is not just a value token, meaning it actually fuels all use cases built on top of the ETH blockchain, Kosala Hemachandra, the chief executive of MyEtherWallet, said in emailed comments, pointing to DeFi,

NFTs, decentralized applications. Bitcoin is simply a value token with no clear roadmap.

Even with the price plunge, longterm development is unaffected and ethereum is well on its way to market dominance over bitcoin.

JPMorgan shared that Bitcoin’s volatility is gradually dropping and this will ignite a massive and stronger institutional adoption.

The banking giant believes that Institutional Investors will feel more comfortable investing in bitcoin knowing that Bitcoin is less likely to be too unsteady.

JPMorgan predicted $130,000 price target for Bitcoin in the long-term in order to match the gold sector and also meet gold volatility level.

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    1. Well when it become true, it’s not false anymore. Right now whatever you predict, it’s false. Remember it’s a prediction. Not reality yet.

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