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Ethereum Overthrowing Bitcoin

Ethereum overthrowing Bitcoin already happened in dollar valuation, according to Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky when he was interviewed about the likelihood of Ethereum surpassing…

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Ethereum 2.0, Eth surpassed Btc

Ethereum 2.0 has hit a major milestone of almost 6 million staked Ether on the Ethereum Launchpad. Abouti80,000 validators power the Ethereum blockchain as of…

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Dogecoin “Our Future Currency?”

Dogccoin, the meme coin’s miners have made millions for generating new coins, according to the data from Coinmetrics, a crypto intelligence platform. The data shows…

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Doge to the Moon Again?

Daymak, The Canadian light electric vehicle maker kicks off mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies with its prototype of Spiritus, its futuristic three-wheeler, programmed…

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Revolut Banking App for Crypto

London-based neo-bank Revolut announced Thursday that it has added the option for users to buy and sell 11 more crypto-tokens, bringing the total number of…

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