Crypto & Amazon

An anonymous source within Amazon has reportedly told London business newspaper City A.M. that the e-commerce giant is planning to accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments by the end of 2021, possibly setting the stage for broader mainstream acceptance of crypto transactions.

She indicated that, while Bitcoin is the first step in Amazon’s crypto ambitions, executives at the company were keen to add other established cryptocurrencies in the future.

VeChain Foundation partners with, an international e- commerce platform with crypto payments integration, to enable consumers to use VET tokens at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy to make purchases, starting from July 9th.

VET holders will enjoy a 2% discount on all items for the next two weeks. has two native tokens of its own called $SPI and $GSPI and can be used for purchases to receive extra discounts.

Tech giant Amazon seeks to gain depth into digital currency and blockchaln development and as such is set to hire a digital currency and blockchaln product lead, who will oversee the company’s strategy of digital currency and blockchaln together with a product plan of action.

Qualifications include a wide understanding of the digital currency and cryptocurrency ecosystems and technologies.

This indicates a growing interest in digital currency from Amazon.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong revealed during Q2 2021 earnings call that plan of the Nasdaq – listed exchange is to Become the Amazon of digital assets by listing every asset that is legal on the exchange in line with the goal of decentralization.

Armstrong shared that Coinbase vision has always been about the long term. Coinbase listed 22 new tokens including DOGE, which generated $2 billion in revenue during Q2 202!.

Author: Mcrypto