About NFTs

There are few hot topics in the world, one of such trending topics is NFT. NFTs are decentralised autonomous organisations that help with crypto-fueled fundraising. Moreover, NFT gives the proper exposure to artists in a decentralised environment. The most expensive NFT artwork ever sold was for $69.3 Million. The artwork was created by Beeple Winkelmann and was sold in an auction at Christie’s

There are multiple artworks that you can sell as an NFT. It has the power to provide the uniqueness to the artwork. For example, oil paintings can be a great option for converting your artwork as NFT. 

How Oil Paintings Can Gain Fame In NFT World? 

NFT paintings are unique artworks that you can trade in the market using the digital currencies called Cryptocurrencies. These oil paintings can go up to the millions and thousands of dollars. NFTs are easier to acquire and handle as compared to physical artwork. With digital artwork it becomes very easy to handle it and eliminate the problem of damaging the artwork. NFTs are easy to handle and attract more people towards it due to the accessibility it provides to the users. 

These oil paintings can be sold at the highest price you can imagine due to their uniqueness. There are three options to digitise a physical oil painting. 

Three ways to digitise a physical oil painting.

There are basically three ways using which you can digitise a physical oil painting. These three ways are. 

  • One Owner: A NFT represents the ownership of a particular oil painting. It is a type of digital certificate that you get for an oil painting. You can have multiple options while digitising our oil paintings. It gives a unique identity to your oil painting and helps you to easily get into the limelight as an artist. 
  • Two Owners: The two owners of digital painting have two owners that own the NFT. On the other hand the owner of the digital Art piece and physical painting can differ. You cannot have two owners of a physical art piece but it is possible for an oil painting. 
  • One Owner: Another option is that the physical oil painting on the canvas is just the process for the artist to generate an original NFT Art. Artists can destroy the original art piece after converting it into a digital asset. 

There are many threats while using these methods. Criminals can convert their work into an NFT without their permission. Many NFTs for sale are also based on other famous art pieces that can violate the copyright

About The Artist

Art is the most beautiful aspect of a human being to showcase his feelings to the world. Art can be of any form, shape, sound, etc. NFT helps the artists to produce unique digital signatures of their art and trade it across marketplaces. Each art work has its own secret meaning and understanding that meaning is the most important part. 

The oil paintings after converting into NFTs can be sold for much higher price and gives enough limelight to the artist. You can easily showcase your art to the world and trade it on digital platforms. 

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