Binance and Kyivstar Have Reached a Partnership

Kyivstar, a Ukrainian mobile service provider, and the China-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance have announced the beginning of a partnership.
According to a press statement issued jointly by the two organizations on Thursday, this relationship would allow Kyivstar customers who are interested in innovation, blockchain technology, investments, and financial goods to get access to a wealth of cryptocurrency-related options.
Users of the My Kyivstar app, which is the official mobile app of the mobile operator, will be eligible to obtain a unique bonus promo code for use while signing up for Binance.

Binance and Kyivstar want to collaborate in the future to increase crypto literacy in Ukraine, which will help remove some of the country’s remaining impediments to the widespread use of digital assets.

The WOG gas station chain reportedly began accepting cryptocurrency payments through Binance Pay in September after becoming a participant in the Binance blockchain ecosystem.

Binance Pay is now accepted at all Foxtrot Network stores, both online and offline, thanks to the Foxtrot Network’s May partnership with the Binance blockchain system.

Previously, Binance had intended to introduce a payment card in Ukraine that would have a balance in cryptocurrencies and would automatically convert those cryptocurrencies into fiat currency when a purchase was made.

Binance is the world’s top blockchain system and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. They provide a variety of financial products, one of which is the biggest digital asset trading exchange in terms of volume.

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