Block Is Actively Seeking Bitcoin Miners and Wallet Developers

Block, a payments company, has been working hard to hire people for its Bitcoin mining and wallet hardware departments. Several ads on LinkedIn in the last two weeks show that the company wants to hire managers with experience in Bitcoin mining policies, communications, and partnerships.

Posting a position for a “test hub lead” on LinkedIn on Saturday, the company boasted that they create “bitcoin mining ASIC, bitcoin mining rig, and related systems, software, and infrastructure.” According to the ad, the test center will house Block’s mining equipment and be used to test the hardware, software, and overall operational problems (power, cooling, dust, restart, performance monitoring, connection to pool) of the mining system.

To create its first mining rig and future mining rig product lines, the company is also looking for the product and technical professionals to work on “developing the next generation of mining ASIC.” It also has several jobs that have anything to do with wallet layout. In the spring, Block introduced its Bitcoin hardware wallet to the public.

Block Background

Block, which used to be called Square, is betting a lot on Bitcoin and other decentralized financial systems. For example, earlier this month, Block’s TBD decentralized banking subsidiary launched stablecoin cooperation with Circle. Thomas Templeton, the general manager for hardware at Block, told CNBC in January about the company’s plans for Bitcoin mining.

According to user feedback, current systems suffer from heat dissipation and dust accumulation. They also regularly break down, necessitating a tedious reset every day or so. We want to make something that “simply works,” as Templeton put it on Twitter. Not only are they very loud, but they are also not good for use in a private home.

In a time of industry hardship, Block is doubling down on mining. In the last few months, fluctuating energy costs, a rising global hash rate, and harder mining have all made it more difficult for businesses to make a profit.

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