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Solana is trading at almost $33 for last few days. It is quite unable to suppress entire selling pressure completely. The adoption of Zero gas Bitgert fee chain spikes with the increase in BRISE price. Here, the crypto investors always keep an eye on the up upcoming developments of BRISE.

Also, crypto market also enjoyed in the condition of stable market for past few days. Even tough, there are many coins that have not posted such huge drop, not any significant increase in the price posted. Moreover, Solana coin is also trading for more than $30 but less than $35 in last few days. So, Solana price is well stabilize at almost $33.

The performance of Solana price is slightly weak as compared to the tough competitor such as Bitgert also known as BRISE. There is no doubt that BRISE is doing really well, with this coin that is posting some of the higher price growth as compared to Solana.

Reason for Bitgert to perform well!

The greatest reason that why is BRISE doing well is because of its mass adoption. However, fast-growing number related to the crypto investors joins it to be a perfect indication of huge adoption. Moreover, Bitgert BRC20 blockchain basically is the key reason that why does this coin adoption is quite high, higher as compared to Solana. The BRC20 blockchain is only gasless chain.

With this the BRISE coin has increasingly grown to be quite popular with the developers and with the blockchain users. This is the reason that adoption of Bitgert chain is also growing bigger. However, at this time, the rate of blockchain adoption was higher as compared to Ethereum, Solana and different chains. There are various other developments coming in next months, including products in BRISE roadmap V2 and other backed projects from startup Studio.

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