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With IP3 token at the FTX exchange where the CRIPCO launches IP-based NFT Business and blockchain business. However, investments that secured from international venture capitals like SOLANA Ventures, FTX Ventures with DAO’s inclusion for IPX, NAVER Z. They also known as ZEPETO demonstrated the potential growth of the company.

CRIPCO here presents vision of ‘IP 3.0 Hub’ where any person can possess as well as monetize the IP-based content available in NFT marketplace. Here, International blockchain & NFT company has announce that this will also list their native IP3 token for the popular international cryptocurrency exchange FTX. It is the part of IEO also known as Initial Exchange Offering.

FTL listing allowing Blockchain & NFT Platform

The Listing of FTX listing will allow the CRIPCO to establish the blockchain along with the NFT business which is based on IP (intellectual property). It is trough using their NFT marketplace & platform, for the purpose of maximize the NFT usage through building of the ecosystem. It provides the proper gateway for the entertainment. Even it is for the IP companies to begin their IP-based on the digital content businesses. It includes related to NFTs.

Here, CRIPCO present the initiative of ‘IP 3.0 Hub’, the brand-new structure which customized to Web 3.0 era. It is where people becomes the consumer along with the service provider of IP. It creates, utilizes, monetizes the creations with community. This also invites international players for the purpose of engage in NFT & metaverse spaces. On the other hand, propelling CRIPCO to forefront of NFT space.

The decision to partner through CRIPCO is also based on the belief. It may be the strategic player in international Blockchain NFT market. This is through the unique IPs along with the famous user adoptions. CRIPCO also set to lead similar way in long run with their creative & high-quality of the NFT launches.

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