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FBI has issued the alert for the purpose of warning American for the crypto investors in the scams of liquidity mining. On the other hand, statement that has issued by Internet Crime Complaint from FBI has explain this scam. It was also suggested few of the measures for helping the investors to be quite vigilant of cybercrimes. Lately, US FBI have also warned about crypto investors of the crypto pool scam that are using the such kind of the investment strategy known as liquidity mining. Such kind of the scam has been responsible for more than $70 million in the perfect combination of the victim losses ever since the year 2019.

In alert that issued by law enforcement agency, the mining of Liquidity well explained as the perfect strategy for investment that reward the investors to contribute digital assets. It offers the traders with necessary liquidity to conduct the transactions. However, the investors get some portion of trading fees, hence, the earning of money devoid of making any kind of decisions related to active investment.

Crypto Pool and other possible Investments

FBI now continously keep on the stress which has the ability for swindlers and they are primarily USDT or targeting Tether as well as ETH, also known as Ethereum owners in such scam. It also simply approaches victims through any such possible means. With such kind of the direct messages, dating apps, social media, messaging services along with the word of mouth.

On the other hand, IC3 also known as Internet Crime Complaint Center for the FBI that chalked from modus operandi for related criminals. Here, IC3 has also found that the bad actors which also spend some of the days or weeks for building the relationships with victims to acquire their trust. After this it also give a tutorial on the crypto pool trading and coax them in the mining of liquidity through guaranteeing the daily return of 1% to 3% on investment.

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