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The price of ETH classic may simply witness with the most explosive rally. It having the 55% gains to cross the level of $32. When the transitions of Ethereum from the proof-of-work for the proof-of-stake. The network of ETH Classic can also witness a huge migration of the miners from the level of ETH. Here, it also stays to be “true” and correct version of blockchain of altcoin. It helps to preserve the integrity subsequent to theft of almost 3.6 million ETH.

The classic developers also consider this project to be a proper continuation of unaltered history related to original chain of Ethereum. Also, the prices have also increased drastically. Price of ETH has also exploded, with more than 17% gains. The community of ETH has also the key transition fast approaching. Since, the Merge is planned and scheduled for being live by September 2022.

Here, ETH community also disagree about how to simply move ahead subsequent to 3.6 million of the tokens. Also, the Ethereum Classic community related to the builders and developers believed to preserve the integrity of blockchain. Now moving ahead with unfiltered blockchain. In the meantime, the ETH community also went ahead through the hard fork as well as separated from project from the ETH Classic.

Over the time again, the ETH community is at crossroads, with community has also voted for asset for transition from the PoW to PoS. This is also possible that sect of holders & miners of ETH will also hence such transition to Ethereum Classic. Here blockchain which also uses the proof-of-work as their mechanism of consensus.

The price of ETH Classic can also explode ahead of Merge. The core developers also concluded the timeline for Merge, and this event is planned for September 2022.

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