Galaksion Review

The Global Advertising Network.

Introduction to Galaksion

The online ad network connects advertisers and publishers from all parts of the world. It provides publishers a wide range of ways to monetize their traffic at the best rates on the market. It is one of the best alternatives to other ad networks with low rates.

The company’s strategy is based on its name, Galaksion. Galaksio is Esperanto for Galaxy and the last letter “n” in the name Galaksion stands for network. This basically implies the network has a global reach. The company’s employees are well trained and experienced in working with webmasters and advertisers from Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, South America, Russia, Canada, India, and other parts of the world.

Galaksion provides publishers with a wide variety of traffic monetization methods including CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, CPS and many more. The company’s strong point is media ads placed on websites. Fine examples of Galaksion media ads include pop-ups and pop-unders, interstitial ads, screensavers, slide banners, splash screens, running text, and video ads. Publishers can also take advantage of different sizes of static, animated, vertical, and horizontal banners. Popular sizes include 300×250, 600×200, 728×90, 240×400, 468×60, and 160×600 just to mention a few.

Benefits of working with Galaksion as a publisher

Publishers stand to benefit a lot when working with Galaksion because the network is always on the move in terms of innovation. Their creed is efficiency improvement through innovation. The company focuses on selecting the best offers for publishers based thorough strategic assessment and the best placement strategies. They also provide the most targeted advertising models through different methods including geographical location, cookies analysis, geographical location targeting and much more.

Galaksion provides:

  • In-depth statistical and control analysis. The company’s system allows publishers to change banner settings in a quick and easy way. As a publisher, you can remove or add banners and even change your banner’s frequency of impressions any time you wish to straight from your dashboard.
  • The most advanced targeting methods. The company is always optimizing its targeting settings to help publishers reach the most targeted audience for the best results.
  • The best optimization of multiple ad platforms. The company relies on accurate parameters precision to target the most appropriate audience for its ads.

One of the best things about this network is that there are no specific requirements to join as a publisher. All publishers are accepted.

As an applicant, you don’t need to meet any specific traffic requirements to become a member. However, your website is checked to ensure that it does not host prohibited content such as pornography, spamming activities, hacking, and any other naturally offensive content. Additionally, your website should not have previously had copyright laws infringement issues.

As with all other ad networks, Galaksion publishers too are prohibited in engaging in other unprofessional activities such as clicking on their ads, asking others to do so, using bots or any software to manipulate clicks, and the use of PTC and traffic exchange sites to provide fake traffic.

In return for providing high-quality genuine traffic and conversions to the network, publishers are rewarded with a reliable, constant stream of revenue. Each publisher is also guaranteed of the most professional and transparent tracking and accounting system in the industry, 24/7 support, and efficient ad material management systems.  

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

What we like: Global reach, a wide variety of traffic monetization options, good customer support, and high payout rates.

What we don’t like: High minimum payment threshold of €100

Requirements to join Galaksion as a publisher

  • Publisher terms:
  • Traffic minimum: None
  • Publisher language requirement: Mainly English but since this is a global network, all languages are accepted.
  • Prohibited content: publishers are prohibited from deploying the network’s advertisements on websites containing adult (pornographic), obscene, defamatory, abusive, libelous, or illegal content. Any website that promotes hate or discrimination, promotes the sale of illegal drugs and firearms, or encourages participation in illegal activities is also prohibited. You can learn more about the company’s terms and conditions for publishers at

Galaksion Company Stats

Galaksion Support & Contact Information

  • Address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK G2 4JR
  • Phone Number: 00441463216126
  • Support Email: [email protected]

Advertising Formats

Galaksion serves ads globally for a wide range of advertisers.

Their main focus is in the following formats:

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • POP
  • CPA

The company provides a wide variety of media advertising options including the following:

  • Splash screen or screen saver. This actually works by displaying a preliminary page showing an advertisement before the start page loads. The screensaver automatically changes to the start page after a very short time.
  • Pop-up. This is an ad that shows up in a separate window over the one that is already open.
  • Branding. Pages under branding advertising change according to the corporate style of the advertiser. This is very effective for creating greater brand awareness and recognition.
  • Superstitials. These differ from interstitial ad formats because they have a higher image quality. The advertising is also fully loaded before it is even displayed.
  • Slide banner. An ad that shows up in the lower corner of the viewer’s window. It can easily be closed by clicking on an “X” button.
  • Video Ads. This is basically a short video preview of the ad before the full movie or music video begins playing.  
  • Interstitial. These are ads that appear in the short duration between the time a user requests for information and the moment the information loads. Interstitials are usually invisible users until they either close or minimize the windows they are viewing.
  • Pop-under. This is an ad that pops under the window you are currently viewing.
  • Daughter window ads. These are ads appearing in a separate window and closely related to a banner you are currently viewing. The ad is actually a daughter, or extension, of the content of the main banner.
  • Sponsored ads. These are simply links hidden behind other buttons and titles.

Galaksion also provides multiple sizes of static banners, animated banners, as well as vertical and horizontal banners. They are also very willing to listen to your suggestions about any other type of ad you feel can work perfectly well with your site or the type of traffic you drive to your website.

A great thing about Galaksion is their high percentage of earnings publishers can earn from referrals. While most networks provide 5% referral earnings, Galaksion offers 7%.

Galaksion Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel

Galaksion Publisher Reporting and Admin Control Panel Rating: 4 out of 5

  • Control panel: Galaksion’s control panel is easy to learn and use. It is quite intuitive for even a first time user of publisher dashboards. Your account manager is always on hand to assist you on solving any confusing issue such as setting banner sizes and other necessary widgets. The administrative panel has just about everything you need to get started with Galaksion.
  • Reporting: The reporting system in Galaksion is updated very quickly and quite accurate. The company emphasizes on providing simple, understandable, and transparent reporting through its reliable systems that provides all records of your impressions, clicks, conversions, and much more.

Offer Tracking

Galaksion uses HasOffers, Zotto, and Post Affiliate Pro technologies to track offers.  

Galaksion Payment  

Galaksion payment rating: 3 out of 5

  • Payment Methods Available: eWallets, bank transfers, Paypal, Visa and MasterCard
  • Payment Terms: Weekly or monthly
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: €100

The major downside of Galaksion’s payment is the high minimum payout threshold of €100, while many other networks have a low minimum threshold of $20 or $50. For a serious publisher though, this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Account Help

Galaksion Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5.

Galaksion provides publishers with 24/7 support via email and telephone. Publishers are also assigned personal account managers to assist them with any question or issue they may have. The support system is always active and responds to publisher queries within a very short time. The only downside is the lack of a comprehensive knowledge base where publishers can find quick answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

Editor’s Galaksion Review for Publishers

Though relatively new to the advertising industry since its inception in 2014, Galaksion has made great strides in connecting advertisers with publishers from all corners of the world. It is a company with a global reach. You can easily tell how popular the network has become by its numbers. For instance, Galaksion gets over 18 billion page views each month, has an average of 260,000 monthly conversions, and boasts of over 14 thousand active advertising campaigns every month.

The company provides great benefits to publishers including a large pool of advertisers offering the most attractive offers and payouts in the industry, a wide selection of offers depending on one’s traffic, very profitable traffic monetization options, and timely payment provided according to your personal schedules, either weekly or monthly.

Advertisers also benefit from working with Galaksion in many ways. For instance, the company offers a unique self-design platform that allows you, as an advertiser, access to the best quality traffic, a wide range of publishers globally, exclusive sites for your unique ads, friendly and experienced managers, and over 30 types of highly targeted traffic sources.

The company is based in Scotland but is not limited by borders. They will help you generate income from your traffic no matter where you live. They have a strong presence all over the world. Galaksion’s managers are ever ready to communicate with you in 12 international languages. They operate worldwide but with focus on the American, Canadian, CIS, Russian, European, UK, Indian, and Latin American markets. The company’s goal is to provide trouble-free communication with clients from all around the world and make your business successful.    

Galaksion provides publishers with a wide variety of traffic monetization methods including CPA, CPL, eCPM, CPM, CPC, CPD, CPI, CPS and many more. The company’s strong point is media ads placed on websites. Fine examples of Galaksion media ads include Pop-ups and Pop-unders, interstitial ads, screensavers, slide banners, splash screens, running text, and video ads. Publishers can also take advantage of different sizes of static, animated, vertical, and horizontal banners. Popular sizes include 300×250, 600×200, 728×90, 240×400, 468×60, and 160×600 just to mention a few. Their latest innovation is a banner that automatically adjusts to any size you want. This innovation gives publishers freedom from cookie-cutter templates that came with limited banner sizes.

Some of the key advantages of working with Galaksion include constant revenue from the traffic you usually drive to your website, active 24/7 support in case you run into any problem, a highly transparent and accurate accounting system, and one of the best ad material management systems in the ad industry. You also get direct access to advertisers and a huge pool of offers.


  • The network has the most competitive rates in the industry
  • No minimum traffic requirement to join
  • They provide publishers with multiple ad formats
  • As a publisher, you have control over the ads that appear on your site
  • They have an accurate real-time reporting system
  • Timely payments
  • A 24/7 active and dedicated support team


  • A high minimum payout threshold of €100. Small publishers may take a long time to get their first payment.
  • Lack of PayPal payment option which is used by a majority of publishers globally.


What are the Galaksion publisher requirements? 

There are no traffic minimum requirements for a publisher applying to Galaksion. 

What are the Galaksion ad formats? 

Galaksion has a variety of ad formats available to publishers including display banner, pop-ups, pop-unders, tab-unders, direct links, offer-wall, sliders, interstitial, and instream all-roll.

What is the Galaksion Minimum payment threshold?

Galaksion offers its publishers a €100 EUR payment threshold. 

What are the Galaksion payment methods?

Galaksion offers payment methods of eWallets, bank transfers, Paypal, Visa and MasterCard.

Who is Galaksion Suitable For

Galaksion is a great network to monetize your website, and it is best for: 

  • Small website but still gets lots of traffics 
  • Website with lots of traffics but rejected into Google Adsense
  • Website with lots of traffics and looking to increase ad revenue by combining Galaksion and another ad network


Galaksion is a new network that is working consistently harder every day to ensure advertisers get the worth of their ad-spend and publishers earn income from their promotion efforts. The network is international but works well for American, Canadian, CIS, Russian, European, UK, Indian, and Latin American markets. It is easy to join as a publisher and they have a very active support system. The only downside you’ll have to live with is the lack of PayPal payment method and the high minimum payout threshold of €100. Otherwise, this is a great network to monetize your website traffic with.

We highly recommend you to join Galaksion!

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