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PayPal adds a new Crypto function in its Venino app, that lets users buy-sell and hold cryptocurrency.

It now allows users to buy as little as $1 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash, and also send shares to friends.

The fee is small as 2.3% for transactions under $100 and 1.5% over $i,ooo.

For secure blockchain transactions for a variety of digital assets, Venino will rely on The New York Company, Paxos.

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Square and Ark Invest emphasized the importance of Bitcoin mining is pushing increased efficiency in renewable energy production.

The paper is written by “The Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative,” which supports the notion that Bitcoin mining incentivizes the generation of electricity “from renewable carbon-free sources.”

Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Tesla’s Elon Musk, and Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood completely supports this notion as seen in their tweets

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The total value of staked ethereum hits $10.07 billion as the price of ETH increases and more people continue to stake ETH for rewards.

About 3.9 million ETH was staked as of April 22, 2021, according to on-chain data from Glassnodes.

Ethereum 2.0 upgrade has also pushed it to become an alternative Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Network.

The new consensus mechanism upgrade will be more scalable when it’s completed!

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Charles Schwab, one of the largest retail brokerages and retirement account providers is closely considering venturing into cryptocurrency.

However, the Retail broker is awaiting more clarity from regulatory sectors and when the clarity comes Schwab will definitely join the Crypto sector according to Walt Bettinger, Schwab CEO.

Charles Schwab’s move into the digital asset class will open Crypto to its 31.9 million brokerage accounts.

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Coinbase, the major U.S crypto exchange hired Pankaj Gupta, a former Google Pay engineering lead in India and Asia Pacific, as the vice president of engineering and site lead for India as part of the plans to actively expands into India.

Coinbase posted several job applications hire in India according to Gupta.

The new Google executive said he will be responsible for “leading and building from scratch the company’s technology hub in India.”