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Turkish government lifts the general ban on cryptocurrencies, however the government is planning and working on regulations to manage Cryptocurrencies as a sector.

Turkey’s Central Bank Governor Sahap Kavciogluc made it clear that the recent ban on crypto payments is not part of a plan to overrule Cryptocurrencies.

More updates will follow about the new regulations in the next two weeks. This will bring in the much needed crypto supervision.

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US crypto investors rise as two-thirds of adults in the United States show interest in learning bitcoin and ready to hold.

Data from a national survey shows that 3,000 U.S. adults with $40,000+ in household income meaning, 21.2 million adults currently own crypto and about 19 3 million adults are curious to get into the system.

This shows a promising move for cryptocurrency as even companies now provide crypto education.

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Robinhood reduced the minimum order size of DOGE from 10 DOGE to l DOGE so everyone can easily invest.

One of the major challenges of DOGE is the supply.

According to data from Bitinfocharts, one address has 28.5% of the coin supply.

DOGE has an intrinsic characteristic to emit 5 billion coins each year, this means that 13.7 million coins are being added to the market each day.

The current circulating supply of DOGE is 130 billion.

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Uniswap decentralized exchange recorded a $10.17 billion weekly transaction volume for the first time, a 26% increase from the previous seven days.

This volume is regardless of the high transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain, people continue to surge into the decentralized platform.

Users can trade ERC20 tokens on the exchange. Uniswap V3 plans to go live on May 5 which will make Liquidity and Trading more efficient.

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Deutsche Telekom, a Gemían Telecommunications firm recently invested in the Celo Blockchain network.

The communications firm bought an unspecified amount of CELO tokens with plans of staking them.

This will enable the firm’s subsidiary T-Systems MMS to serve as a validator using the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) and will allow validators to send verification text messages using its SMS API.

This Partnership will ease the onboarding of users on the Celo network.