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Inter Blockchain Communication Enabled For Cross Chain DeFi By Cosmos

“Internet of blockchains, ” Cosmos now builds a cross chain DEX for IBC enabled blockchain, to assist transaction of crypto between independent blockchain.

Comos’ JBC went live on March 29, it has been in development for five years.

112 Million votes were in support of its activation via community governance.

Its already working on decentralized exchange supporting cross-chain functionality.

IBC facilitates new applications for fungible and non-fungible tokens between chaings.

Cosmos’ native token, ATOM, has trended upon announcement.

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Biggest Venezuelan Satellite TV Provider Enables Crypto Payment For Users

Simple TV, biggest Venezuelan satellite TV provider, partners with Panamanian firm Cryptobuyer to enable its over four million users to pay their monthly bills through cryptocurrencies.

users can make payments in BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH, BNB and BUSD.

Also, users can also pay with Cryptobuyer’s native token, XPT.

Simple TV, offers over 300 TV channels including ESPN, HBO, and Disney this means more usage of cryptocurrencies across Venezuela

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Canadian Fintech Firm Mogo Offers Bitcoin Cashback Reward Mortgage Program

Canadian fintech firm, Mogo Finance listed on Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange offers its members into mortgage the chance to earn cash to buy bitcoin using its bitcoin rewards account.

Users earn up to $2,461 in the cashback rewards which includes the MogoMortgage.

Clients are able to buy bitcoin through the MogoCrypto program within the Mogo app with the rewards.

Canada’s residential mortgage market has an estimated value of $1.35 trillion.

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Paypal Launches Crypto Checkout Services to its US Customers

Paypal holdings Inc now allows US customers to pay at its 29 millions online merchants globally, with the cryptocurrency holdings in their balance.

Users can now convert their bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin balance in their payPal digital wallets to fiat currencies at checkouts after making purchases.

Paypal President and CEO Dan Schulman said users can now use Crypto like fiat for the first time.

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Ripple Partners With Malaysian based Tranglo to Expand into Southeast Asia

Ripple partners with Tranglo, a Malaysia-based cross-border payment firm to provide its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service to the firm.

Ripple acquired 40 percent share in the firm and this partnership will expand Ripple within SouthEast Asia, through providing Cross – border Payments to the region.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is excited at the prospect of users taking advantage of the ODL and the line of Credit service.

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Airbaltie Corporation now Accepts Dogecoin for Booking Flights

Latvia’s flag air carrier, AirBaltie now announced to accept digital assets, including Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In 2014, it was the first to accept payments in crypto, with the newly added token options, it now has a total of eight cryptocurrencies as payment options supported by the crypto payment provider BitPay

Dogecoin grows in popularity as seen by the social media endorsement from Tesla’s Elon Mask and many others.

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Fidelity to offer bitcoin collateralized loans for partnership with silvergate

Silvergate Capital, crypto friendly bank set to partner with Fidelity Digital Assets to offer Bitcoin collateralized fiat loans to institutional investors.

Silvergate’s Jon Melton believes investors will now have better access to capital due to the new partnership.

Siveragate started accepting cryptocurrency exchanges in 2013 while Fidelity began cryptocurrency mining in 2014 with incredible success records.

Fidelity also filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission to launch a bitcoin exchange traded fund.

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Wrapped IOTA Token Launched on Binance Smart Chain

Wrapped IOTA token launches on the Binance smartchain develped by Binance exchange.

IOTA holders would be able to initiate yield farming through decentralized finance dapps on the Binance smartchain.

Users will also be able to send in their IOTA tokens to be locked and receive Binance based IOTA coins on a 1:1 ratio.

This BSC based IOTA can be used in staking, yield farming just like any other BEFP20 token.

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DeFiTVL On New Records As BSC powered Protocols Add Billions

Binance Smart Chain is pushing the TVL of decentralized finance into new highs with $79 billion in assets locked in decentralized finance protocols, despite the weekly loss on many leading Ethereum powered DeFi protocols.

Now equals twice the capitalization of third ranked crypto asset Binance Coin.

Binance Smart Chain native Dapps leads the sector’s growth with $1.3 billion to its TVL last week.

The total value locked in DeFi protocols continues to push into new record highs.

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Visa Pilots a program to settle fait with crypto

Visa partners with exchange to pilot a program that will allow its partners to use the ethereum blockchain to make transactions in fiat, at a later time in the year.

Visa’s partners will be able to exchange USD coin (USDC) for fiat.

This is a major milestone bridging fintechs and stablecoin or cryptocurrency helping the company manager their business according to chief product officer Jack Forestell.