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Paris Hilton, Long Time Bitcoiner Very Excited about Bitcoin

Paris Hiltion, business-savvy influencer disclosed in a recent interview that she has been a long time Bitcoiner.

Hilton is super excited about the number one cryptocurrency by market cap, saying that the cryptocurrency is definitely the future.

The socialite turned business mogul is also planning to launch her first set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) this month after partnering with some “incredible” artists.

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Mark Cuban Owns 30% ETH, Believes It’s Closest to true currency

The Billionaire Mark Cuban believes Ethereum is the closest thing we have to being a true currency and views Bitcoin as a better alternative to gold.

He made the comments as a guest on a recent episode of the Delphi Podcast, saying that Defi and NFT made him excited about crypto.

His portfolio records 60 percent Bitcoin, 30 percent Ethereum and 10 percent the rest.

He views bitcoin primarily as a store of value.

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JPMorgan Predicts $130,000 For Bitcoin Following Strong Institutional Adoption

JPMorgan shared that Bitcoin’s volatility is gradually dropping and this will ignite a massive and stronger institutional adoption.

The banking giant believes that Institutional Investors will feel more comfortable investing in bitcoin knowing that Bitcoin is less likely to be too unsteady.

JPMorgan predicted $130,000 price target for Bitcoin in the long-term in order to match the gold sector and also meet gold volatility level.

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Thai SEC insists that invertors should have crypto trading experience

Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol said the commission will be offering a free training course for investors.

The announcement which was on Facebook Live video, said that the guidelines proposed now discloses that people interested in investing in digital assets must have previous experience in crypto, a free training course called Crypto 101 is set up for it.

Thailand’s had a complicated relationship with crypto through Thailand-based crypto exchange Upbit received approval from the SEC this year.

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Coinbase will Go Public On April 14

Coinbase exchange announced on the Thursday 1st of April that its direct listing will hold on April 14.

The exchange also announced that it will share the financial achievements of the 1st quarter on April 6, 8 days before the listing.

The plan to disclose the Financial results will guide investors towards making informed decisions towards Coinbase shares and it’s possible worth.

This would be the first time Coinbase is making quarterly results public.

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Bitcoin Miners’ Revenues Reached Record $1.5 billion in March

Bitcoin miners revenues reached $1.5 billion in block rewards and fees in the Month of March, according to a recent report from Arcane Research.

Miners’ Revenue hit a peak record of $64.7 million on March 14, the day after Bitcoin’s price surged to new all-time high of $61,683.

Bitcoin mining profitability has consistently grown over time.

Since last bitcoin halving, miners receive a block reward of 6.25 BTC for every new block mined.

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Eth price hits a new all time high above $2,146

A new all-time high of more than $2,146 was recorded for Ethereum after hitting a previous all-time high of $2,041, reached on Feb,20.

This has resulted in ETH’s market capitalization hitting above $243 billion.

It still remains the second-largest cryptocurrency by that measure.

It came up to its new high after seeing more dips since February and throughout March.

It’s a new breakthrough for the asset.

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Famous American TV Personality bought Bitcoin Expects $200,000 Price Target

Joe Pompliano, Anthony “Pomp’s” brother shared and article on Twitter showing that Alani Nicole, “La La” Anthony, famous American TV personality invested 2 to 3 Percent of her net worth into Bitcoin and expects it to hit $150,000-$200,000 in the near future.

She believes Bitcoin is the digital gold and will reach unimaginable heights.

La La” Anthony bought Bitcoin through the Gemini exchange owned by the Winklevoss twins.

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Dave Portnoy Set to Get back in bitcoin At Dip

Founder of Barstool Sports and Davey Day Trader Global, said he’s ready to get back to investing in bitcoin at good dip.

He regretted selling off his bitcoin when it was around $11,000 in August 2020.

He admitted he didn’t understand the market then and now he’s ready to get back in.

He said in a video that he loves Bitcoiners, mentioning the Winklevoss twins in particular.

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ConsensSys Ready to launch Scalable Ethereum NFT Platform, Palm

With the rising gas charges, Consensys is offering a solution by launching Scalable Ethereum NFT Platform Palm.

Teaming up with the HENI Group and Heyday Films to introduce the Palm NFT Studio to set up the trading of digital art assets within the Palm ecosystem.

Palm will exit as an Ethereum sidechain that is fully interoperable with the main Ethereum network, and expects its list of partners to increase grow when it launches.