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Coinbase Exchange Hired Former SEC Director Ahead of Public Listing

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange hired Brett Redfearn, a former director at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to lead its capital-markets division ahead of the Exchange public listing.

Redfearn had 13 years experience at American banking giant JPMorgan and he believes that Trading Digital assets will give retail Investors a fair chance to access the capital markets on even level.

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Blockstream launches security token tied to bitcoin hashrate, redeemable in BTC

The first tranche of 62.5 blockstream Mining Note will go on sale on April 7, and can be redeemed after three years for the bitcoin equivalent to the total hash rate the note represents.

The first batch of tokens will go for $275,836 each which will sell initially through a private token sale on STOKR.

Its open to all non-US qualified investors, Hashrate contracts help investors gain exposure, being a recent development in the Bitcoin derivatives market.

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Goldman Sachs to start offering Bitcoin to Wealthy Clients

Banking giant Goldman Sachs plans to start offering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment to its well-to-do clients in the second quarter of 2021, according to Mary Rich, Goldman Sachs’ new head of digital assets under the private wealth management department (PWM).

Private wealth management focuses on families or individual investors who can invest a minimum of $25 million in the bank.

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One Bitcoin will be worth one Bugatti by 2023 Kraken CEO

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell explained believes dollar-based long-term price comparison for Bitcoin doesn’t do Bitcoin justice at all.

He emphasized that fiat currencies are subject to Inflation.

Powell shared that the alternative option for measuring the future value of bitcoin from the current price is one BTC per Tesla Model 3 or one Bitcoin per Lambo by the end of the year, and one Bitcoin per Bugatti by 2023.

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Cardano Wallet Daedalus now receives and sends native token

Cardano’s full-node wallet “Daedalus” now allows users to send and receive native tokens, that is other tokens and not just ADA, after the wallet’s recent major upgrade which IOHK announced on Tuesday.

Deadalus is now a Multi-Asset wallet.

Wallet addresses can now receive both ADA and native tokens contained in a single Cardano transaction.

Daedalus is available on a “a download-only” for Linux, Mac and Windows PCs.

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Tron’s Justin Sun Reveals NFT Fund Aimed At Art Acquisition

Justin Sun now have big focus on the NFT space following recent auction participation and listing Lindsay Lohan’s digital collectibles on Tron’s blockchain.

JUST NFT Fund strives to be the leading fund investing in the NFT space.

Their plan is to build a bridge between blockchain and the world’s top artists, supporting the growth of native NFT artists.

He wants it to become the ecosystem of choice for incubating, auctioning, and collecting NFTs.

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Scottish School of Music accepts Crypto currency for Tuition Payments

The Morningside School of Music will start accepting cryptocurrency for tuition payments in response to suggestions and demand from studetns.

Linda Boyd, director of Morningside said that the school is familiar with the use of crypto-based on using it for business purchases and the school also wants the students to get more familiar with using crypto.

She indicated that institutions are already majorly involved in Crypto, with time small businesses.

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Gold Replaced with bitcoin in morning Brew’s Newsletter Markets Section

The popular business newsletter with over two million daily readers, just replaced gold with Bitcoin in its Markets section.

They intend to make the section more relevant in light of the cryptocurrency’s rapid appreciation over the past few months.

Morning brew started in 2015 by Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief, with revenue of $13 million in 2020, it was later acquired by Henry Blodget’s Business Insider for $75 mllion.

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CME Ready to Launch 0.1 bitcoin futures contracts

CME is to expand their futures offering, called micro bitcoin futures which will significantly increase the potential level of participants.

An ongoing growth of liquidity and market participation in the crypto derivatives, especially among institutional traders was seen since the launch of the Bticoin futures contract in 2017.

The new futures will also be settled through fiat starting on May 3rd.

Their aim is to expand their market to a more sophisticated active individual traders.

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Payment Provider, Nuvie Launched Support for Nearly 40 Crypto Assets

Reddcoin, Steem, Bitcoin Gold, and Siacoin are part of the 40 crypto assets that Nuvei launched..

Transaction of these currencies can now be made by E-commerce merchants, they can also be used to send and receive payments across 200 countries.

Nuvei’s CEO says the launch is a way of empowering its our clients with opportunity in the global market.

In 2020, Nuvei processed almost $14 billion from merchants, also the company handling $43 billion.