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Tilman Fertitta, owner of Landry’s shared recently that his group of restaurants would soon start accepting Bitcoin Payments in the coming months.

Bitcoin payments will be accepted in 80 to 90 Percent of all Landry’s restaurant brands with the next 3 months.

This means that you don’t need to use Mastercard or Visa or American Express anymore for Payments.

You would be able to pay with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies

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The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Sets out to test Waves Enterprise’s Intellectual Property (IP) Guard solution, which can be used to maintain, verify a database of IP data objects, and also coordinate IP experts.

Through smart contracts, Roscosmos Can Now Provide non-monetary rewards for detecting IP infringement cases.

The launch will be ready this summer 2021. Waves have helped to power a blockchain platform for Russian parliamentary elections.

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Cryptocurrencies mined by licensed crypto miners in Iran can now be used for imports by banks and currency exchangers as per the new directive by the Central Bank of Iran.

This is after the Iranian government amended its cryptocurrency regulation, now giving them access to electricity, and also they can sell their coins directly to the central bank.

This is a new and massive move by the Central Bank of Iran.

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Miners Net Position Change indicator has recently shown a major increase, according to data from the Glassnode chart shared by the CIO of Moskovski Capital.

This is a major indication that Bitcoin miners are storing minted Bitcoin into long-term cold storage rather than sell it.

Miners are not willing to sell.

Number one cryptocurrency by market cap continues to blossom after dips.

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In a recent report, A top official at Deutsche Bank has boldly said that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

He even went on to say that new and more advanced technology won’t easily replace bitcoin (BTC) in the future.

The German bank’s chief investment officer, Christian Nolting also hinted that crypto assets are for the long haul even with the creation of the CBDC’s which could have an influence on Crypto.

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After Pat Cummins’s $50,000 Fund Donation for Oxygen Supplies,

The former Australian Pacer Brett Lee has also decided to donate one bitcoin (Rs 40 lakh) to India and help fight covid-19.

He’s taking this move because he’s saddened with the condition of the citizens after the pandemic and he wants to help people live a good life as much as he can.

Lee considers India his second home.

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Eric Weinstein, Thiel Capital executive and host of the popular podcast

The Portal, encouraged followers not to be affected by Bitcoin’s daily price fluctuations.

He believes that it’s more important to focus on Bitcoin’s ability to serve as a hedge against fiat currency devaluation at the central bank level.

The Thiel Capital executive shared that Central Banks’ actions are a threat to those who hold cash, Bitcoin is a better alternative.

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Gemini Credit Card announced its network partnership with Mastercard, which is recognized as the most trusted brand in the credit card and payments space.

WebBank will be in charge of issuing the Gemini Credit Card.

Some of the new features include earning 3% on any purchase made with any cryptocurrency, no outrageous annual fees, high security, and much more.

The card will be made available for use in all 50 U.S. States.

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George Residence, a Luxury hotel in Lagos, Nigeria plans to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Also, the management plans to use Crypto as a major reserve to serve as a hedge against inflation which is one of Nigeria’s economic challenges. George Residence will accept BTC through Coinvest Africa, a regional cryptocurrency brokerage.

The luxury hotel confirms that it has already converted 50% of its cash to Bitcoin

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The IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson has hinted that bitcoin’s energy consumption is less efficient to be compared to Cardano’s and advises Bitcoin to follow Ethereum’s lead by leaving proof of work (PoW) and adopt green energy, in order to remain the dominant cryptocurrency.

Cardano has seen over 10,000 native tokens after its rollout of Mary hard fork in March and also expects to bring in millions of users through the same project.