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Coinbase Employees Held their Wedding on the Ethereum Blockchain

Coinbase Crypto exchange employees, Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky held their weeding on the Ethereum blockchain alongside getting married physically on March 14.

Kacherginsky created NFT rings on Ethereum smart contract named Tabaat (Hebrew word for ring) in the form of TBT sent as tokens to the couples wallets.

The Blockchain wedding ceremony took 4 minutes a cost of $50 in miner fees.

In comparison, the physical wedding cost about $25,000.

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Coinbase will Go Public On April 14

Coinbase exchange announced on the Thursday 1st of April that its direct listing will hold on April 14.

The exchange also announced that it will share the financial achievements of the 1st quarter on April 6, 8 days before the listing.

The plan to disclose the Financial results will guide investors towards making informed decisions towards Coinbase shares and it’s possible worth.

This would be the first time Coinbase is making quarterly results public.