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In the year 2021, the term NFT or also known as non-fungible token. It start to spread all through the forums of crypto and beyond. However, as the result, there are many people that have started to acquire interest in it. Inspite of the fact, that year 2021 was considered to be a great year with regard to non-fungible token and natural curiosity also waned of users. These users also are not much interested in it as it was before. This has been concluded as per the survey report.

Rather, DEXterlab have also carried as well as conducted the survey in kind of the twitter polls for gaining a better and proper understanding of latest state for adoption of NFT. Such kind of the research clearly indicates that how many people who never buy an NFT wish to do it in near future. On the other hand, the 26.6% of the survey respondents also clearly indicate that they should also plan to buy one. Though almost 31.7% of the crypto enthusiasts have also claimed since they will never purchase the NFT.

Buying of the NFT by the users!

At the same time, the results clearly indicate about 17.1% of people initially buy the initial NFT in the year 2021 or even before. Instead of the considerable decline in the process of “NFT” keyword searches available in the year 2022. Here, statistics even show that there are additional first-timers during the year as compared to the details in the year 2021. With such kind of the 24.4% of the respondents. It also claimed that they buy the initial most NFT in the year 2022.

Impacts of Crypto bear market

Here, international economy also never had much of the productive year 2022. However, even the traditional markets experience the panic being the result of so much of uncertainty. Even, the stock prices also continue to simply fall. It is also affecting the cryptocurrencies as both of these markets are much closely correlate.

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