Metaverse Music Festival Will Take Place in Decentraland

Next month, Decentraland will stage its second annual Metaverse Music Festival, showcasing traditional and digital musicians from a wide range of musical genres. Kraken, a digital asset exchange, will host a free event that doesn’t need a ticket or any specialized equipment (like a VR headset) to enjoy.

The event will take place from November 10-13, according to a press release issued by the company on Monday, and will “showcase the latest metaverse technology,” the company said. The event will feature a pop-up NFT gallery, limited-edition wearables, and more, as well as Decentraland’s Emotes. These are custom dance moves or poses that can be purchased using NFTs.

Decentraland has invited over a hundred musicians, including rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, techno DJ Dillon Francis, and rap icon Soulja Boy. It’s also working with a number of other companies to host stages and sponsor experiences during the festival, including metal festival Ozzfest, NFT music site Limewire, augmented reality metaverse platform OVER, and others.

According to Iara Dias, the festival’s producer, the fest aims to unite the Web2 and Web3 communities for the sake of both audiences and performers. The festival will not only provide free admission to people from around the globe, it will also give musicians a chance to interact with their fans via means like token-gated events.

Dias clarified that the goal of the virtual music festival was not to replace the actual thing but rather to provide attendees with more chances to appreciate musical talent.

Over 50,000 people attended the first-ever Decentraland Music Festival, which included 80 different performers over the course of four days last year. Metaverse Fashion Week in March and its New Year’s Eve celebration in December are just two examples of the comparable events it has hosted.

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