Opera Will Add Support for Elrond


In the near future, the Norwegian browser company will add support for the scalable blockchain Elrond to its crypto browser. This will provide users with access to the network using the built-in Opera Wallet.

Since 2018, one of the very first online browsers, Opera, has been developing cryptocurrency-related technologies.
In January, a beta version of its specialized “Crypto Browser Project” was made available by the company.
This Norwegian Web3 browser firm extended support for eight more blockchains, including Solana and Polygon, for its in-browser cryptocurrency wallets in the month of March.

Opera and other crypto-focused browsers, such as Brave, have been placing large bets on an explosion in Web3, which corresponds to the third generation of Internet services fueled by blockchain.
Because of the greater integration of Web3, it will be much simpler for consumers to engage with the many decentralized finance (DeFi) and other on-chain ecosystems.
Beniamin Mincu, the Chief Executive Officer of Elrond, said that the impetus for this new partnership is the vision that they share and the shared aim of eliminating user onboarding friction into Web3.

According to Danny Yao, senior product manager of Opera Crypto Browser, later on in 2022, Opera will include support for Elrond’s dapps, which are blockchain programs that function without a central administrator, as well as support for Elrond’s native coin, EGLD.

Opera now has more than 300 million users.
At the time of publication, Opera has declined to provide the total number of its crypto users.

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