Pikaster Officially Announced KuCoin IGO NFT as their First Project!

Pikaster is the renowned P2E game of cryptocurrency. It has announced about launching of KuCoin IGO NFT launching platform. Pikaster is the initial most project that has come to their platform. Also, the details of participation for the NFT token sale, declared on April 8th.  However, Pikaster is the most confident one brings new set of the changes to industry. This is both from the perspective of gaming and also from the perspective of revenue-generating.

Pikaster and IGO NFT

Pikaster is basically the scalable as well as interoperable application of cryptographic. It has design that facilitate the actual growth of GameFi, metaverse, along with Web3 economy. The KuCoin IGO NFT games are basically the gateway to virtual world. Here, Pikaster is well connecting with the most extensive array of players through platform of KuCoin IGO that could also explore some of the higher values related to NFT.

The new and simple access will definitely bring higher level of opportunities for some of the newbies along with the NFT enthusiasts. The Participation in the Pikaster games with the community governance definitely help to maximize the NFTs. International users of Pikaster can trade, invest as well as withdraw in-game with the NFT assets which are mainly through KuCoin IGO NFT platform, and the benefit from process.

KuCoin is always been the company with the lofty ambitions. With they are watching for the possible changes in future. At similar point of time, KuCoin pays some great attention related to value of community and also value of the users. It is absolutely consistent with the philosophy. Hence, we need to think for cooperating with KuCoin and also launching of the IGO as first project. The decision taken is absolutely correct. Not to mention, that Pikaster is confident in bringing any kind of changes to industry.

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