Sega Will Soon Release Its First Game on Blockchain


One of Japan’s biggest game publishers, Sega, has made an announcement that it will release its first blockchain game in partnership with another Japanese studio, Double Jump Tokyo.
The blockchain features of the game, which is based on Sega’s Sangokushi Taisen series, will be supported by Oasys, a Japanese scaling-focused initiative.

Sega Will Debut the Industry’s First Blockchain-Based Video Game

Japanese gaming giant Sega has revealed plans to create the industry’s first game using blockchain technology. The Sangokushi Taisen brand is well-known in Japan. Thus, it seems to sense that Double Jump Tokyo, another game developer, would base their concept on this.

You may use digital cards on a digital field in the Sangokushi Taisen series of strategy games.
Tokenization of game assets and card trading are two examples of blockchain features that might work well in the game’s design. However, none of the firms have detailed how blockchain features would be integrated into the gameplay.

As of now, there is no estimated release window for the game, and Sega has made no announcements about the creation of related products.

Gamification on the Oasys Blockchain and Other Uses for Blockchain Technology

Double Jump Tokyo also revealed that the Japanese gaming startup Oasys would serve as the game’s blockchain infrastructure. Oasys is a blockchain project with the intention of being scalable enough to accommodate lots of users at once. With this and other upcoming projects, the studio intends to break into the AAA game market.

Bandai Namco, Sega, Jump Crypto, and even Square Enix, which became a validator of the chain and is actively studying the launch of blockchain games utilizing this technology, are among the firms that support Oasys.

Sega’s position on blockchain games that use NFTs has been unclear. In January, the business warned that if players see these features as a cash grab, they may forgo plans to use them in future games. In April, Sega suggested that they may include NFTs and metaverse components in the company’s “Super Game” development approach.

Some of the largest names in gaming, like Ubisoft, have been more forthright about their support for NFTs by introducing their own NFT marketplaces and incorporating them into their flagship brands’ games. Square Enix sees blockchain technology as essential to its future success, and it has incorporated this development into its own business strategy.

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