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In spite of the fact that SHIB loses almost 90% of their value in bear market, this cryptocurrency remains to be in focus for gaining the attention of various Ethereum whales. These whales also add billions of tokens of Shiba Inu to their accounts at the time of downtrend. The popular whale which is known as Gimli has also added 386 billion of SHIB to account prior to such week.

Shiba Inu Purchases along with the Motivation

So, this has also caused the renewed interest in the SHIB? It can also be the foray in Metaverse. However, the developers of Shiba Inu have also shared progress on the metaverse projects as well as GameFi projects. As per this, there are few of the explanations that may also be made known in this coming days for such kind of the game. It is mainly under the leadership related to the game designer.

Collection of Shiba Inu by Gimli

Here, Gimli is among the best 10 richest Ethereum whales. This also continues to enhance the quantity of the SHIB tokens in the account through such kind of downtrend. As per WhaleStats, that keeps a proper track for the uploaded accounts, where two whales have bought 533 billion tokens.

On the other hand, Gimli took 386 billion tokens of Shiba Inu though another whale. It named as BlueWhale0159 has also added almost 147 billion of the tokens. The SHIB even stay to be much collected the altcoin by investors of wealthiest Ethereum. Whales even hold other tokens as well such as FTX Token (FTT), Polygon (MATIC), Decentraland (MANA) along with the SHIB Coin.

Not just the only coin – SHIB

Ethereum whales even collected the APE Coin, GALA as well as Smooth Love. These Whales also show some kind of interest in Ape Coin and the metaverse platform, that opens its doors to the landlords for almost two weeks.

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