Shiba Army has taken increase price for Shiba Inu and it’s come back!

Shiba Inu is recently trading almost $0.000023 with the market capitalization of about $15 billion. There is definitely a great difference from the lows of 2021 of $0.00000516 and also the market cap of less than $1 billion. The SHIB has regularly get rid of 0’s in their price, for more than 90,800,000% on every year. It is also been most profitable kind of the investments not just in past year subsequent to the history of economy till the year 2021. Also, subsequent to their peak in October, the Shiba Inu has also fallen with the most astonishing and much predictable for almost 70%. It also means the proper investment which is made in October for $100,000 is worth only $30,000.

Can we consider this as Coming Back of Shiba Inu?

In case Shiba Inu taught us everything, it’s that just nothing is out of question. The SHIB has flipped shortly DOGE in the market capitalization. The few investors see this as a comeback. On the other hand, the token price of almost $0.01 will also imply the market cap in trillions of dollars. In case the Shiba Inu reach to the penny, the crypto currency will also be worth the multiples more as compared to the Bitcoin. For the reason of the huge amount of the capital needed for the SHIB to reach that penny, it’s unlikely that it may happen.

The Creation of the SHIB army

In the month of February 2022, it was announcing of Twitter with the integration of the support of Ethereum wallet for their users to the tip the favorite creators. The supporters of the meme crypto currency SHIB to get as the option as well. The feature of tipping permits the users to include the creators & the journalists to simply monetize the tips. However, subsequent to this announcement, Shiba Army has bombard the platform of microblogging with requests for making SHIB next integrated plan for Tipping.

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