Strategic Agreement between Mastercard and BitOasis

BitOasis, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has joined forces with Mastercard to offer crypto card programs all over the region. This new way to pay will make it easier for people in the area to use cryptocurrency by making transactions on the Mastercard network easier.

BitOasis customers can easily turn their bitcoin holdings into fiat currency that can be used at more than 90 million merchant locations around the world. In areas where they have been approved, the first BitOasis cards are scheduled to be on sale in early 2023.

Customers of BitOasis, who may also take advantage of some Mastercard perks, will be able to get both digital and physical BitOasis cards through a simple and compliant digital onboarding process through the BitOasis app. It will make in-person and online shopping easier.

Most businesses don’t directly accept bitcoin payments because they think it’s hard to process these kinds of transactions. Customers will be able to do business on BitOasis using Fiat money. It will give customers more protection than they have now when paying with digital assets, like refund policies. The alliance will help solve these problems by making consumers in the area more knowledgeable about and open to crypto.

These days, consumers have higher expectations that stores will accept a variety of payment methods. By working with BitOasis, one of the leading crypto platforms in MENA, they’re able to provide users with a streamlined cryptocurrency-use experience without compromising security. Surveys show that more than half of Middle Easterners think that cryptocurrency is the future of money. The goal of BitOasis is to make bitcoin payments even safer and help build a new digital financial system that is open, diverse, regulated, and up-to-date.

According to the 2022 Mastercard New Payments Index, 29% of respondents around the world own bitcoin as an investment, and 65% would rather have their current financial institution offer crypto-related services. Many businesses are warming up to accepting cryptocurrency payments.

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