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MicroStrategy Inc. CEO confirms that crypto represents volatile as well as risky asset if you consider it for the short-term investment. However, for one having a view of 10-year even for long term is comparatively low risky.

On the other hand, ETH and BTC lost more than 30% at the time of recent collapse in the market.  ADA held the firm as well as traded between the range of $0.5 to $0.42. However, the investors get completely burned in the bear market. This is almost nonetheless present some of the opportunities for great returns along with vigilant planning.

Key crypto investment worth for Long Term!


ADA is basically the native token of Cardano, it is the proof-of-stake for blockchain network through an extensive applications. ADA usually comes after BTC or Bitcoin, ETH or Ethereum and also after BNB in ranking of top best coins.  It is definitely the most prominent kind of the Twitter community and it also has consistently won various polls against ETH and BTC.


This is the native token for Ripple, the blockchain with the network of digital payment and protocol. Now, Ripple has made various partnerships for the purpose of facilitating the service of crypto payment with key adopting cryptocurrency. This coin ranks as 6th coin through the market share which trades at the level of $0.3657, with the increase of 13%.


It is known as the utility token for Uniswap, this is the decentralized exchange which is famous for the automated trading related to Crypto or DeFi tokens. This platform is launched for the governance token and it distributed through airdrop to the recent users of exchange. This is the reason to push the coin in limelight. UNI also ranks in list of best 19 with the market cap of more than $4 billion.

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