The First Licensed Pistol: Firearms NFTs

The Digital Arms is now turning as the real-life firearms rights into the Firearms NFTs. These bring a wonderful trading platform of NFT to firearm, gaming marketplaces and hunting. Further, by making them to bring NFT space like this. The collection simply features leading brands of firearm worldwide. Collectors will purchase the NFTs and will also use them in the respective games and different metaverses. Such firearms will digitally get licensed and will also bring a perfect perspective to industry of traditional gaming.

Firearm NFTs and its Future

The Digital Arms has simply partnered with the ZEV Technologies for designing, developing and marketing these NFTs. Apart from this, they will announce the release of $HNTR token. Such token will be accessible on the PancakeSwap and will also be used while you are playing the games to earn money.

The belief is about the fact that many names will enter marketplace. It will help to create the digital firearms hub. When it happens with users & with the merchants will increase, this will also strengthen the utility of $HNTR token.

Moreover, the sentiment is quite very positive with various high-ticket of the crypto investors are vocal about the opportunity. With Discord channel and Digital Arms is open. Firearm with the gaming enthusiasts gets excited about such news. On the other hand, there is no specific further timeline now.

Digital Arms even partnered with the Xentrix studios for creating the Meta Marines. These usually are the NFT 3D characters of soldiers that will have complete access to ecosystem of metaverse game. As mentioned before, it is first-ever kind of the digital firearms NFTs platform.
NFT which is also known as Non-Fungible Token and also trading is just latest craze in investment & also the trading world. The Digital Arms and Zev Technologies have partnered and develop the IP Licensed Pistol NFT that is when applied to entire gaming industry will provide purchasers with unique digital firearm.

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