Valour Inc. Launches Carbon-Neutral Bitcoin ETP

With a management fee of 1.49%, the Valour Bitcoin Carbon Neutral ETP gives investors long-term and environmentally beneficial exposure to Bitcoin. By supporting verified carbon removal and offset operations to neutralize the related Bitcoin carbon footprint, the ETP provides a reliable investing option that is good for the environment and in line with ESG standards.

To create the ETP, Valour collaborated with Patch, the industry’s preeminent supplier of infrastructure for taking climate action.

Patch only chooses high-integrity initiatives that actively work to reduce, remove, and sequester CO2 from the air to make up for these emissions. Patch picks projects with great care, checking to see whether they have been approved by reputable bodies such as the Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve, Verified Carbon Standard, BCarbon, American Carbon Registry, and Puro.Earth. To guarantee that their work has the greatest possible effect, Patch applies the following criteria: additionality, genuine and verifiable permanency, and negativity.

Valour’s CEO, Russell Starr, has stated his company’s commitment to a “carbon neutral crypto business” and the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their products. Valour has signed the Crypto Climate Accord, showing that it is committed to its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities. They’re excited to provide their first carbon-neutral product to equip retail and institutional investors with the resources they need to participate in the dynamic digital asset ecosystem.

About Valour

So far, Valour Inc. is the only publicly listed firm that successfully connects conventional capital markets with decentralized finance using its technology. The 2019 startup, Valour, is supported by a respected and innovative staff that has spent decades working in finance and digital assets. The goal of Valour is to increase investor exposure to cutting-edge Web3 and decentralized technology.

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