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Shrimps buying Bitcoin over past month have also broken records for buying of BTC. However, above 200,000 BTC purchased by such two groups related to holders. The strategies of investment going on also shows some kind of the unity between buying behavior of shrimp and whale in bear market. On the other hand, when the market has also stabilized as mid-June low, where whales or shrimp are buying the most aggressive strategies of accumulation.

In last few days, Crypto has seen some of the strategy that is led by whales, which hold 1,000 BTC tokens. This observe that they intensify with the investment strategy related to BTC. Rather, the exposure enhances the week subsequent to week as rest of market leave behind Bitcoin (BTC). Hence, whale exposure also increased, with above 140,000 BTC that even purchased in June. However, it also seen if July will also confirm such kind trend while the price also falls envisaged for digital asset.

Holding of Bitcoin by Shrimps

As quite different set of the investor profile, it observed that the similar kind of the strategy on shrimp side. Also, as the reminder, shrimp are basically holders which hold between almost 0 & 1 BTC. However, latter have also intensified strategy as well as amplified the exposure for Bitcoin through record buying in June. As per the data reported through Glassnode, complete 60,400 bitcoins get added to the wallets.

It is much intense kind of purchase that made by such kind of holder, that supported BTC with whales in such bear market. Also, if during June it is worst month in BTC history, shrimp as well as whales have even sought to support asset at every costs.

Such kind of investors mainly situated at extremes of one other. However, smallest holders with the wealthiest recently have some set of the identical strategies.

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