Winklink – Creating The Bridge For The Real-World Data

It is the initial most and highly comprehensive oracle. It enables the most reliable feeds of data for the smart execution of contract. Being the most awesome system of storage, blockchain offers the most superior bets over the customary cloud storage and centralized system of storage. It includes encryption, verifiability, immutability and traceability.

It is meant for the applications & the platforms operating them. But such kind of the tech suffers from the drawback. Such as, its incapability for accessing the information of real-world or check the credibility and authenticity. One might also add false and the tampered info to distributed database. With the nodes that will never know. Let us now analyse WINkLink, which is a platform that perfectly works on the handicap through using the smart contracts for connecting the blockchain to the entire real-world data. This could also make sure that the data reliability is through the decentralized mechanism.

WINkLink known as first comprehensive oracle which created on Tron blockchain. Through tapping in the data, payment systems, events and others from the sources of real-world. It includes those banks, weather along with internet. This also provides the blockchain through the much reliable data feeding to enable the execution of smart contract.
WINkLink has also became the initial most comprehensive Tron oracle subsequent to WINk team that executed with acquisition. However, WINkLink offers various functionalities, such as embedded price of WINkLink oracle system offers the developers of Defi app with reliable as well as stable feeds price.

Developers to create a wonderful system!

The oracle allows the developers to use the data of real-world like sports as well as weather for creating the most customized oracles along with connecting the smart contracts in real world.
The smart contracts of WINkLink are faster, secure and much stable. They may simply access any data and hence nurturing the most trusted ecosystem of data in different industries through providing wonderful services to users and developers.    

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