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Brazil Authenticated 156,000 Documents Via Blockchain Platform

Brazil has authenticated about 156,000 documents through blockchain in a record last four months as the technology’s adoption in the country accelerates.

The authentication process allows citizens to sign and send documents through electronic platforms like WhatsApp or email to relevant parties, including government institutions.

Brazil’s blockchain system runs on the Notrachain, the country’s blockchain network of notaries.

The system enables the verification of documents in a virtual format.

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Binance Futures Sees Record Open Interest of $10 Billion

Binance’s crypto derivatives platform Binance Futures continues to soar in popularity as more and retail customers add fuel to the bull run.

The spike in open interest or the value of derivative contracts traded but not settled with offsetting positions reflects an increased inflow of money into the market.

Open interest on the derivatives platform hit a record high of over $10 billion on Saturday, amounting to year-on-year growth of nearly 3,900%.

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Thailand Crypto Volumes Surged to About 600% Since November

Crypto volumes have surged to about 600% from 574.5 million to $3.96 billion since November, according to data from Thailand’s Securities and exchange Commission an Indication that Crypto adoption is massively increasing in Thailand.

Atichanan Pulges, co-founder Bitkub Exchange said that volume on his exchanged surged to 40% between January and February, according to him Bitkub with 300,000 customers represents 90% of trades within Thailand.

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Coinbase Employees Held their Wedding on the Ethereum Blockchain

Coinbase Crypto exchange employees, Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky held their weeding on the Ethereum blockchain alongside getting married physically on March 14.

Kacherginsky created NFT rings on Ethereum smart contract named Tabaat (Hebrew word for ring) in the form of TBT sent as tokens to the couples wallets.

The Blockchain wedding ceremony took 4 minutes a cost of $50 in miner fees.

In comparison, the physical wedding cost about $25,000.

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Newest Episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier Features bitcoin Bounty

The newest episode of the new Marvel Universe show on the Disney plus platform, called the Falcon and the Winter Solider, features a Bitcoin bounty.

Episode 3: Power Broker, being the newest episode showed one of the characters receiving a text message that read: Selby dead.

1K Bitcoin Bounty for her killers.

1,000 Bitcoin is equivalent to about $58.8 million USD.

The message was received 24 minutes into the episode.

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Songwriters and producers now receive payments in bitcoin by music company

The music industry is also interested in endorsing the cryptocurrency, as ‘The founder of a music company, Dr. Luke with over 20 years experience in music now offers songwriters and producers and option to be paid in bitcoin.

Bitpay, crypto payments provider helped make this possible.

Dr. Luke is not a stranger to the crypto and blockchain space, as he’s an early investor in the North America-based digital asset miner Blockcap.

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Russia’s Central Bank Introduces A “Two tire System For Digital Ruble

The central bank of Russia made it known on Thursday that banks would be opening digital wallets with the regulator, serving as intermediaries for companies and customers.

They made their intention known last October, saying it can issue the digital ruble on top of existing cash and non-cash rubles to facilitate payments.

A distributed ledger technology is being used for this.

Also noted that accessing one’s wallet through another organization would be possible.

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Tyler Winklevoss Believes United States is Unlikely to Ban Crypto

Gemini CEO and co-founder Tyler Winklevoss believes that the United States is unlikely to ban cryptocurrencies because of the many orders set in the courts in the favor of crypto.

For instance, the coinflip court order, tagged CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) enforcement action sees Bitcoin as a commodity like gold.

He also believes that the regulators are also stakeholders as they are looking out for companies and users alike.

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Shopify CEO Plans Integrating E-Commerce Giant Into DeFi Ecosystem

The CEO of an e-commerce giant is publicly considering how to integrate his company with the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

He made this known On Friday night in a Twitter message asking the DeFi community what “role” Shopify could play in the growing financial vertical.

This is a major breakthrough if it comes through, as one of the most important catalysts for adoption in DeFi’s short history.

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A Hydropower Hub in China Reveals “Blockchain Computing”

The government of the Chinese province of Yunnan ready to support local blockchain development.

The plan was published on Friday.

Part of the development is by providing state subsides to startups in the space for rent and talent recruitment.

As of April 2020, alternative Finance data shows that mining facilities in Yunnan accounted for 5.4% of the global bitcoin computing power.

These mining farms have sourced electricity directly from hydropower plants