Binance Launches High-Leverage ARK Perpetual Contracts: Explore the Crypto Market with

Binance Futures is launching a new financial instrument called USDⓈ-M ARK perpetual contracts, offering traders a maximum leverage of 10x in the crypto market.

Here are the key details of the ARK perpetual contract:

  • Underlying Asset: ARK
  • Settlement Currency: USDT
  • Precision: Tick size of 0.0001
  • Leverage: Up to 10x
  • Availability: 24/7 trading
  • Funding Rate: Capped at ±3.00%
  • Margin Requirements: Minimum maintenance margin rate is 3.00%
  • Multi-Assets Mode: Supported

However, please note that Binance reserves the right to make changes to the contract specifications based on market conditions, including the funding rate, tick size, leverage limits, and margin requirements. All trades are subject to the Binance Terms of Use and the Binance Futures Service Agreement.

The introduction of Multi-Assets Mode allows users to utilize various margin assets, such as BTC, to trade the ARK perpetual contract.

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